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Guided Kayak Fishing Adventures

A thrilling way to fish and explore

Kayak fishing

The sport of kayak fishing offers the angler an opportunity to explore new fisheries in the shallows and along shorelines motor boats tend to avoid, as well as small lakes inaccessible for many.

The thrill of having a fish on the line is amazing and memorable. The calm of the wilderness and peacefulness of the activity is medicine for the soul. With so much variety for the outdoor enthusiast, Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge is the perfect setting for your introduction to kayak fishing.

Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge offers a unique three-day Guided Kayak Fishing Adventure to groups of four. The lodge is the base of operations for your three days and you will be required to reserve a private cabin at Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge for the four people in the group. The group will be accompanied by a guide for a minimum of one of the three days.

Sample itinerary

Upon arrival, your group will be given a quick tour of the Lodge. You then settle into your private cabin and adjust to your space. This awesome boreal wilderness setting is sure to inspire you.

The staff at the Lodge will meet with you and discuss the numerous options the next three days offer your kayaking team. When your group is ready, your guide will review some details on kayak fishing and your equipment. Before you know it, you will find yourself following your coach and powering yourself about the bay as the anticipation for this new adventure builds.

When you are comfortable with some basic maneuvers on the water, you are ready to add a fishing rod to the kayak's rod holder. Some practise casts with your rod and your confidence grows. The basic lures that are most popular are available at the Lodge. If you are a first timer, you will receive a primer on fishing technique, as well as general information and assistance with the lures of choice.

With a lot of daylight left, your group might decide to cruise Quesnel with your guide. Within minutes, you can be over some of the finest walleye holes on Quesnel Lake. Will you chose to have a couple of fillets for supper tonight?

Kayak fishing

Next morning, the aroma of fresh coffee and fried bacon fills your cabin. After breakfast, with the first day planned, you are off to a new fishing spot. Has your group decided on doing some top water fishing for smallmouth on Clearwater Lake, walleye and bass at the upper bay of the lower Manigotagan, or will it be perch fishing in Stump Bay? Whichever it is, it will be fun!

Will it be a fish fry or BBQ steak on the grill tonight? It is most certainly a tough call! And after supper, maybe another sauna in Sauna Quesnel, an evening swim, a card game, or maybe a good read.

Rates and details

Rates are based on one private cabin for a group of four people.

Item Cost per day Total cost per person
Accomodations, 3 nights $75 per person 3 x 75 = $225
Fishing kayak rental, 3 days $33 per person 3 x 33 = $99
Guide fee, 3 days $150 3 x 150 / 4 = $112.50
    225 + 99 + 112.50 = $436.50

Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge