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Nopiming Provincial Park's Manigotagan River

Manigotagan Canoe Outfitters

Whitewater special

For the avid canoer, Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge offers canoe rental, a restful stopover, and a great break from a cross-country jaunt. For canoers planning an outting that begins at Long Lake and continues down the mighty Manigotagan, Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge is located en-route at the northern tip of Quesnel Lake.

We offer a welcomed overnight break in your trip with a special canoer's package for groups of four or more. Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge will provide lodging, a hot shower, sauna, and all the amenities of your own kitchen. You will have an opportunity to prepare and enjoy your own home cooked meal.


If you group is just planning on launching at Quesnel Lake and shooting the Manigotagan run, consider arriving the day before, relaxing at the lodge for that evening before having an early departure the next morning. This is an affordable and convenient piece of your trip that your group may want to consider.

Canoe Rentals

Manigotagan Canoe Outfitters provide Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge with Royalex canoes and basic gear rentals and are available at the Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge office. Reservations of equipment and scheduling of stop-over accommodations can be easily made by calling 1-877-305-5526. In planning your canoe event and securring your rentals, we highly recommend booking at least 30 days in advance.

Equipment CDN $, per day  
16 foot Royalex canoe with paddle and PFD 80  

C & M Shuttle Service

C & M Shuttle Service provide service on the Manigotagan and other rivers on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. They serve all canoers and kayakers by driving them with their own vehicle. They can bring the vehicle back to Manigotagan and park and care for them until the party arrives back in the community.

Shuttle service is offered from May 1 to October 31, depending on ice breakup and freeze up.

* All prices include parking and are subject to change due to late night driving or other conditions.

* All licensed drivers

* Maps available

For information and bookings, contact:

Charles Simard

26 Evergreen Street

Manigotagan, Manitoba


Phone: 204-363-7355


Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge